Working with Alexandria over the past year has helped me to realize how much growth and potential is within me.

“In the past year alone my yoga practice, as well as my practice of self-inquiry, has developed far more than I ever could have thought possible. It is just what is says, a practice.That by far is what Alexandria helped me to realize. That I don’t have to be perfect all the time, that the moment is what matters most, and that I cannot control anything but my reactions to the world around me. Coming from a sales oriented background rooted in the community, I became very task oriented. While this is good at times, my life is not just a list of tasks to be crossed off. It is the detail and the moment to moment that makes us human.From yoga practice to teacher trainings to leadership work, Alexandria challenges me to be a more compassionate and present person in this world. Thank you, Alexandria!” – Rachel M.

Author: alexjayne

Spiritual seeker, conscious parent, visionary, believer in the unseen and lover of divine peace. Train with me: