I feel blessed to have found Alexandria and Yoga Deza.

“She welcomed me right from the start with open arms and continues to serve as a mentor and friend who I very much look up to.  Something much appreciated from my training was the sense of community I felt.  It can be hard in a world with so much disconnect to find a place that feels safe and genuine. From the trainings, I’ve made strong everlasting friendships.  I respect the trust and confidence she provided to enable me to begin subbing and teaching yoga right away after completing my 200 hour Vinyasa training.  This allowed me to really find my place and purpose. With out that immediate experience I don’t think I’d be where I am right now.  From there on I became so intrigued by the first training that I just wanted to keep expanding my knowledge for yoga and continue to better myself.  I attended the power training and 500 hour modules.  It’s kind of funny to say that I’ve learned so much about myself in the past two years of yoga training, than I did in four years of college.  Through self inquiry, creating a vision has had the biggest impact on my life.  It is essentially what got me to move back to where my heart feels like home and a step in the right direction.  My entire outlook on life has become limitless and I’m learning to deal with fear that has been holding me back from being truly happy.  Alexandria has so much knowledge and experience to share and truly cares about her students and their success.” Devyn D.

From the first class I took with Alexandria I felt more spirit from her than I had experienced in a yoga class.

“She challenged my perspective from the first down dog by saying ‘if you drilled a hole through Earth from this location you would be (somewhere across the globe)’. Total wow moment.  I knew I had to follow her to Yoga Deza in 2013, because each class of hers I experienced a “wow” moment – either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.  Alex was constantly teaching me, which I later learned because she was constantly learning and growing.  Each opportunity to learn more from her I did, in baby steps, first with the 40 days journey, and little moments in trainings.  Eventually I signed up for my first teacher training with Alex, and continued studying with her in forms of more trainings, leadership programs, and even as a training assistant.  What makes Alexandria such an inspiration and teacher to me is her dedication to be a student – always learning and open to new experiences. She has of course taught me how to instruct a class and the anatomy of the hip, but more importantly she has shown through example how to be dedicated to the practice, her family, teaching, and taking a stand for her truth.” – Tayler P.

Working with Alexandria over the past year has helped me to realize how much growth and potential is within me.

“In the past year alone my yoga practice, as well as my practice of self-inquiry, has developed far more than I ever could have thought possible. It is just what is says, a practice.That by far is what Alexandria helped me to realize. That I don’t have to be perfect all the time, that the moment is what matters most, and that I cannot control anything but my reactions to the world around me. Coming from a sales oriented background rooted in the community, I became very task oriented. While this is good at times, my life is not just a list of tasks to be crossed off. It is the detail and the moment to moment that makes us human.From yoga practice to teacher trainings to leadership work, Alexandria challenges me to be a more compassionate and present person in this world. Thank you, Alexandria!” – Rachel M.

My encounter with you proved to be a turning point in my life.

“My yoga journey started when I met Alexandria.  Today, I have been studying yoga under you for the past year. You have taught and shared your beautiful knowledge and teaching experience to me. When I took first yoga teacher training with you, I could not understand everything what you told us because of my language skills, but continuing to study with you, I have understood step by step. You told me yoga is continuous learning process in entire our life. I will definitely keep learning more about this amazing world as one of the students, and at the same time, I would love to share my experience with people as a teacher like you. I cannot say enough about thank you for being my teacher.” – Tomoko F.

Alexandria is a phenomenal being.

“She has a great love for community, learning, self-growth, and helping other people grow. She really cares about her work and lives it. Alex has lead me to breakthroughs that I was not able to find with the assistance of a therapist, she continues to help me grow as a leader in the community and as a leader in my own personal life. I went through my first Yoga Teacher Training with her when I was expecting my first baby, and the work that I did with her prepared me for motherhood. I’ve learned so many new things and continue to because she has created one of the most beautiful honest spaces I’ve ever been. That, is a gift. You will come away with learning something new if you interact with Alex on any level. I am truly grateful for everything she provides.” – Ashley S.

I’ve worked consistently with Alexandria for over three years.

“From the first yoga class I attended with her, I knew there was something different about her teaching and ability to connect. In her yoga classes, she paid close attention to all students and she challenged me in ways that I had not yet experienced. From here, my journey to greater body awareness began! Less than a year later, I joined her first studio and immersed myself in all there was to offer. My physical yoga practice started to quickly transform into a way of being and I found myself working through mental and emotional blocks that had drained my life for some time. Through Alexandria’s coaching, both formally and informally, I found new freedom in personal relationships and questioned old patterns of thought. The last two years I have participated in several Yoga Teacher Trainings and Coaching programs with her, both as a student and as a co-teacher. Alexandria’s guidance continues to enrich my life and she is the friend and teacher I go to most often, knowing she will challenge me continue to discover the best teacher I know, myself. ” – Crystal B.