On Choosing a Home Birth

I believe a home birth is the best choice for every healthy, normal pregnancy. That being said, I totally get why many women choose a hospital or birthing center and I love working with and talking to all Moms about their birth, location irrelevant. I do ask that all future Mamas watch Business of Being Born before making any final decisions. It’s important to me that if a Mom does pay a facility to support her birth, she’s as well prepared as possible to make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

Because home births are so rare in today’s society (less than 2% of babies are born at home) and I was blessed to by birthed at home myself, I choose to advocate for home births as much as I can. Here are top three things that I think all parents should take into consideration;

There’s nothing more sacred in this world than the birthing of a child. It is the process of bringing a new soul into our world and should be facilitated by those who can hold the most peaceful, welcoming and spiritual place possible. I have yet to walk into a hospital or doctors office that cultivates that experience for me.

A babe’s first moment outside of the womb is the foundation for how he or she will interact with the world. Babies are programed to grow and absorb information around them at beyond rapid rates. His or her first encounters with human touch, sounds and smells establish the blueprint for learning. This is not the primary concern of heath care employees. I have met so many children who seem to be struggling from an experience of PTSD from their birth. Delivering a truly healthy baby is far beyond the physical result.

Giving birth is the single most powerful movement of energy a human can undertake. Our bodies are meant to do this — naturally. We weren’t born with a malfunctioning system. As women we have been created with everything we need to have an empowering birth on our own. It’s the most beautiful and powerful act. The sensations of a baby coming out are normal and healthy. They inspire emotional releases like no other, allowing for powerful connection and bonding between two humans that is unparalleled to any other experience.

If you’re considering a home birth and not sure if it’s right for you or you’d just like to hear more about my experience, I’d love to share and connect further ❤

The Freak Out

Finding out I was pregnant. I like sharing this story as it’s such a great reminder for me how much our emotions can take over common sense and prevent a surrender to the moment. My practice of self-inquiry and meditation helps me watch these emotions come in and consciously choose how to process them. I still have moments where that’s not the case though, and in moments like these, self-observation can go out the window.

While it would soon become to most exciting and empowering news of my life, the first realization that a little one was growing inside me was not such an experience. I was not planning to get pregnant nor did I think it could possibly happen any time soon. My now husband (live-in-boyfriend at the time) and I had joked about it and I’d written children into my 5-10 year vision. I always knew I’d be a Mom. But.. not now!

It was a crisp fall evening and Michael and I were at my family’s cabin in Boxley for the weekend, alone, relaxing and enjoying a delicious dinner. I’d filled my belly with roasted beets specifically and we were settling in on the sofa for a cuddle session on the sofa. All the sudden there was a grumble in my stomach, one that caused me to shift positions. Something was strange, I couldn’t get comfortable. What were these sensations? I’ve never felt anything like this before.. The beets? No.. I’m pregnant.

That was it. I knew in an instant. My rational mind didn’t have much of a chance to step in. I’d moved into full on freak-out mode pretty quickly. The only thing I wanted to do: Call my Mom. So I called her and in tears told her I was afraid I was pregnant. I could sense a lightness in her that I couldn’t at the time find in myself. She laughed at me a bit and asked me a lot of reasonable questions including: “Well, have you taken a pregnancy test? No.. Well honey, take a test and call me when you do.” At this point Michael was bordering on confusion between my Mom’s common sense and my hysteria. He did a great job of calming me down for the night and we agreed to go get a test in the morning.

The sun didn’t bring me much relief. When we woke up, I immediately wanted to leave for the test. So we made the 45min drive to the closest store. I remember being quite a lunatic along the way, to be frank. I knew I was being over emotional and creating unnecessary stress in my body and mind through many different thought patterns of fear. My normally cool and intentional composure was taking a way back seat. I yelled and said mean things, I questioned my relationship with Michael and who he was for me. I accused him of not being who or what I needed him to be in the moment. I was seeking anything I could do or say to pretend I was in control of the situation, no matter how illogical or irrational it was.

We get there. I go in, buy a test, and walk straight to the restroom to use it.

Something majorly shifted within me the moment I saw the test was positive. I was going to be a Mom. There was some validation outside of my own head and body sitting on the counter. While emotional patterns of hysteria were still present — I’d majorly stimulated my nervous system and it would take a while for me to calm it back down — there was a deeper knowing, life was never going to be the same.