Eleven Moon Centers

Along my journey of self-realization there have been many tools and teachings that have resonated with me and helped form me. The Eleven Moon Centers are a cornerstone of that journey in my life right now. For me, the centers have proven to be the best way for me to digest and navigate my most intimate emotions, senses, feelings and moods that may have in the past seemed confusing or disorienting.

Today I use them as a journaling and inquiry tool most, reflecting on my current needs and comparing them with the framework of my personal moon map. I find I am able to take things both less and more seriously in ways that provide ease and understanding of my most personal life challenges and areas of growth.

Start with the welcome tags to read initial articles if you’re unsure of where to go from here. The Index tab are a collection of thoughts and experiences that may resonate most with you when you find yourself in a moon center or looking to complete your map. Feel free to reach out with questions! I am grateful to the beautiful Kundalini woman who have guided me thus far, through the direction and heart of the late Yogi Bhajan. Wahe Guru and blessings to you.


The Eleven Moon Centers (yours will be in any order)
Inner Thighs
Back of Neck