Stress calendars and the Seasons of Change ✨🚌

Michael and I have a seasonal stress calendar and it’s one of our favorite shared documents. We made it earlier this year by listing out the major events, projects and life evolutions that we have gone through by season both together and separately over the past few years. When we look at it we both laugh with amazement and disbelief at all the things we have done and gone through together. Moving in together, pregnant, married, baby, running and starting businesses, family stresses, travel, building projects, leading and participating in programs.. The list of things we have done makes our minds spin alone. What has it done to them while we are doing them?

Note:  The body reads and processes excitement the same way it does with stress.

Cindi Cartwright, one of the fascilitators of our teaching programs at the Yoga Deza Institute (she has been teaching longer than anyone in the state of Arkansas and has a beautiful Iyengar history — she’s amazing.) shares so much incredible information about the mind-body relationship and stress. Through her teachings she offers a point system of major life events to calculate the amount of stress you have been under in life and correlating practices necessary to help counter. Such valuable information. The practicality of it so necessary.

If you want to operate at your highest frequency, with the most clarity and pre-frontal lobe brainpower, this path of inquiry is the best I have found.

With that being said, I am thrilled to share our newest adventure. It will most definitely be added to the stress calendar (the more exciting and fun it is, the more weight it must have) and I look forward to it being our most conscious and easeful project yet. Last week we finalized on the OMskoolbus — formerly purchased by our dear friends the Phillips Family, it surprisingly ended up being for us! We will turn it into a yoga/kids play/family connection space in our backyard. Construction begins next week! Follow along with a new Instagram @OMskoolbus.

May this life be full of everything you desire.

Cheers to health, happiness, peace and ease.

Written from the Vagina (Yoni in Sanskrit) center on a rainy August day — and the kickoff of our 2017-18 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Deza ❤️❤️❤️

Clear periods?

Whoa, I am writing a blog! The boys are in bed and I’m up late(r than normal).. This hasn’t happened in a long while. Little man is intoxicating with his sleep vibes at night. I love how chill he helps us stay.

While I haven’t been posting blogs, I have been working on them a good bit! A friend is helping me compile some thoughts and challenging me to practice writing in new ways. I have had some really cool experiences with words this year. Putting some big things on paper in a healing way. Grateful Indra’s birth sparked that growth, among so many other things. More to share in time.

Until then, back to this post, which yes, is titled clear periods.

A couple months ago we stayed the night at a friend’s place in Madison County. She was traveling and we had her big farmhouse to ourselves, with big bookshelves and nothing to do but eat and read on a cold country day. Michael picked up one that was written in the ’70s by a group of hippy farmers while Indra crawled around on the floor and explored a new place. The book had great thoughts about living natural, healthy and happy lives. Michael would call out to me anything he found interesting as he read, including, “he says here that if you eat all organic, primarily sprouted, fermented, non-processed foods you will have a clear period”.

What? Yeah right, my mind protested. I shook it off but found myself stuck with that thought. And here I am a few months later writing a blog on it..

Red bird flew over me again on exactly Indra’s six month birthday. Many mommas go up to a year with breastfeeding. I was a bit surprised to see it so soon with my little guy has been direct from the tap milk on-demand his whole life, and that is what this whole parenting journey has been so far. One surprise after another 🙂

Before I got pregnant I was still using tampons. I cringe when I think of that now. I spent so many years putting chemically bleached cotton from China inside my body without batting an eye. I knew I should have switched sooner but I didn’t have the enthusiasm to make it happen. If you are one of these people now, trust me, it is time.

Note, This is not meant to scold anyone still doing that. It is meant to highlight a shift that is available to you should you chose to care for your moon cycles in a new way. Years ago I started being a more conscious consumer and the past couple — buying way less clothes and products, But for some crazy reason feminine care was the last big shift.

So here I am today, using cloth pads and watching my cycles more than ever while on the mission for clear periods. I will let you know when I get there, until then, here are my biggest tips for a pleasant and blissful flow,

  • Use organic cloth pads. I have been purchasing mine on Etsy. There are some really great handmade options there. I can go on and on about why to do this, but in summary, the main points are your health, your comfort, your finances and our environment.
  • Balance your primary dosha for the lightest flow. I am primarily Kapha and a gentle asana and walking routine is very helpful for me to maintain throughout. This will vary person to person. Diet wise this also means that balancing sweet impacts my cycle the most. I can eat all the fruit and concentrated fruit I want as well as honey, but add in any kind of syrup or sweetener with sugar and my flow increases 30-70% as quickly as overnight.
  • Be extra kind and sweet to yourself. This means baths, self hanging out with people you love (ladies, primarily for me) and reserve more down time to rest and sleep. There is a reason a beautiful reason why we tend to have increased emotions during this time — process your sensitivity. Use it to care for yourself and those around you. Channel this energy into a more patient, kind and loving version of you.

That is it for now and feel free to reach out with questions or thoughts. As always I have loads more to say with little screen time and lots of interest in you and your spirit. Sending love beyond time and space.