Eleven Moon Centers:  Finding Your Map

>>Wondering what a map is and why you would even need it? Go here.

There are two things to keep in mind if you wish to establish your map;

1. Be patience with yourself. Trust in your process and it will lead you to the quickest, most in-tune results.

2. You have the answers within. When in doubt, ask yourself and listen to the response.

Some women I know have been able to simply journal over a 28.5 day cycle and feel very clear by the end of it that they can map their own centers. If you are someone who has an honest dialogue between a pen and your mind this may be a beautiful way to create.

For those who may be looking for a faster process and have practiced inner hearing, working with a pendulum and muscle testing are both great options. Because these are not things that can be taught in a blog, trust that where you are at today is exactly perfect. If you have questions or are looking for a dialouge opportunity to work on your own map, don’t hesitate to reach out. Here are notes for those who are ready to begin the process on their own;

– Using a pendulum

I recommend writing down all Eleven Moon Centers down on a piece of paper, seated in a easeful position close to the earth and making sure all your basic needs are met (food, water, intimacy, sleep and temp). Take your pendulum and find a clear yes and a clear no. Then begin by asking “am I in my ___ today?” Lips, for example, and go through each of the centers in the order that calls out to you until you get a clear YES.

Note, there may be times in which you get a yes more than once, meaning you are in a transitionary period. Look then for morning or night, dusk or dawn, finding the times in which you are transitioning from one center to another.

Then you will find yourself going through the list, taking notes on your own map. You can ask things like “Yesterday I was in..” or “Tomorrow I will be in..” or “After my Thighs in am in my..”. Keep going until you can confirm an order. If you get confused or frustrated, pause, breath and read points one and two again.

– Muscle Testing

Training in energy work enables a greater understanding of this process as does a traditional Yoga practice. Your body is always a well of information, including a clear yes and no to your subtle body field. It is quite possible to muscle test yourself to find your Eleven Moon Center map, as well as have someone else do it for you. This process can be taught from experienced readers from many modalities, including Chiropractic, chakra work and GEMs (my training). I highly recommend the process as it is an invaluable life tool itself. If you want to talk more, reach out.

Eleven Moon Centers: Introduction

If this is your first introduction to the Eleven Moon Centers, congrats! This is perhaps one of the most powerful things I have studied on my path as a yogini.

Whether you have been studying your centers for some time or are just looking to get them mapped, this site should help you on your journey.

I was first introduced to my moon cernters during a Kundalini Womenen’s gathering at the home of Yogi Bhajan in New Mexico. With many ancient spiritual teachings, when I am clear and ready, information often feels like it is downloaded in an instant. As with this, the moment I heard “all women have eleven moon centers..” I knew it to be an instinctual truth and one that would change my mind in perspective from that point on.

So what are they? Eyebrows, Clitorus, Vagina, Earlobes, Cheeks, Inner Thighs, Back of the Neck, Nipples, Hairline, Navel and Lips

The eleven centers are unique pulls of energy within the female body that shift throughout our being every 2.5 days. Each woman has her own unique pattern of movement, that draws her attention, energy and focus in a rhythmic way every 28.5 days. Perhaps the most inspiring piece of this understanding was that I was able to fully resonance and experience confidence with my ever-fluctuating emotions. I can now forsee what my energy will be like in a coming week, day or time frame. I am not surprised by the times that I feel more tired or more sensitive and I can care for myself in new ways that empower me to live the highest divine expression of life that I can.

Yogi Bhajan taught us that women are 16 times more sensitive than men. Meaning they are 16 times more intuitive and 16 times more emotional.

To live confidently and resonate with a flow of life, I highly recommend you study your moon centers, connect with other women on the same journey and above all, trust and love yourself.

Namaste, blessings and love to you!