Dreaming a little deeper

This afternoon my moon center moved into my clitoris. Hello deep reflection and intimacy. I’m still hazy from an intense afternoon nap — often on the cycles my center shifts midday I find myself more tired. Needing to rest even more with two growing babes (one inside and one out), I’ve felt a little drugged. As I consciously shift into a time of reflection, I’ll intentionally pick up my journal tonight and dig a little deeper than normal. If I don’t make space for that now I’ll wish I had — in this center I need to get to the root of me or I’ll find myself unsatsfied with the world outside. 

Picture captured during my first pregnancy by @artefactimageco. Looking into my own eyes I can so clearly remember the swell of emotions. ‘What’s this birth going to beeeee like?’ consumed me. I had so many questions. Baby showers, midwife appointments, birth planning — these things brought so much joy and excitement — synonymous with anxiety to me here. I worked so hard to channel the intensity and still brought so much of it with me into the birth.
So far this second pregnancy has provided space for much more softness, ease and trusting in my body and this babe. Emotions still high, if not higher, but deeper, darker in many ways yet they feel feel pure and more seen.

Dreams are the first place I’ll go with my journal tonight to reflect on my current state. There’s so much for me to access there right now. And a sweet friend @owlsbotanicals just shared a homemade tincture with me that may help that go even deeper. My muscles are testing yes for it so I am along for the ride. When I reflect on my dreams, I first write everything I can remember. Every little detail that comes to mind, and the more sense stimulating — colors, sounds, sensations in general — the better. There’s always more that comes back as my pen moves. Then I identify the key emotions. Was I happy to be where I was in the dream? What feelings were coming up? What did I want to happen in that moment? Typically, the answers to those questions will correlate to a current life experience and the reflection process begins to unfold from there.

Sweet dreams and love to you tonight.