This page is dedicated to the celebration of the feminine creative power through the cultivation of community, inquiry and heart.

My current focuses in life are motherhood, generating health from the inside out and balancing both the masculine and feminine energies we all hold. I find this balance most fosters my evolution; as I journey through this middle stage of my life. Thus, the thoughts and stories written here are from that perspective and experience. A born-seeker and dedicated student, I have been a passionate inquirer into the process of life for many years. I am a Certified Yoga Therapist, 500hr E-RYT, Certified SmartFLOW Instructor, Kundalini Women’s Teacher and ASP1 Student at the Ayurvedic Institute. I am a passionate home birth mama, conscious parenting advocate and firm believer that intentional families and communities are a path to enlightenment.

May you find something that resonates with you and supports a moving forward energy in your life. Blessings to you on your journey. When you have the space to share, please do so with me in return.