Eleven Moon Centers: Cheeks

“Pinks of the checks” comes up a lot when this center is discussed. During the time I am in now, in my cheeks, I work to hold back quick responses and more often than not let go of my reactions.

I always love hearing Yogi Bhajan reference a woman’s passion — I feel acknowledge by the fire within me and my capacity to create joy and play as well as discomfort and stress in an instant. This is the time when we are told that we may be most disillusioned about what is really happening — easily offended or hurt, I am not looking to come from that space. The mind can turn and twist anything, so during this time I look to let go of right and wrong in others and just be. I find that if I am able to hold back, sit, watch and find appreciation in a moment early on in this center than I am on track for a beautiful few days. 
A dear friend was over for lunch asking me, “when do you want to do your blessingway?”. I find myself feeling a little shy, maybe even bashful. I want to hide in a corner and NOT do a blessing way. I even suggested having the party after the babe is born. Which does actually sounds quite fun.. Maybe a 40 Day celebration where I tell the birth story is what I want? I also know it’s not the right time to make that decision either way. So I shared what was going on for me and asked for a little more time to decide. Felt wonderful.

Less serious, more sweet. Nah, on the decisions.

Tomorrow I will wake up in my inner thighs. Which means oh so soon the stack of bills by my door will get paid! And my inbox will be empty! So fun. It’s even more fun though because I give myself the freedom to get less things done today and have more patience with the growing checklist knowing that the time for the checking them off is coming.

Om Namah Sivaya Gurave

Grace and love and patience to you, friends!

Author: alexjayne

Spiritual seeker, conscious parent, visionary, believer in the unseen and lover of divine peace. Train with me: www.yogadezainstitute.com

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