Eleven Moon Center: Thighs

The action addict in me looks forward to this time so much. It is a beautiful time of productivity, internal affirmation and strong energy for me. I often move out of it with greater confidence in myself and hope for the future.

A magic rule I live by: Spend more time doing things than thinking about doing things — and if you find yourself thinking too much, put it out of mind until your next Thigh cycle!

The productivity that courses through my aura during this time is so much fun. At the end of my 2.5 days I find myself looking around with amazement at all that I have accomplished. Often there’s still a voice of “More! Why can’t I be like this all the time?!”. This is the addict speaking.

If you aren’t able to feel centered during this time yet, consider the following;

1. If you find yourself disappointed in others or your surroundings:  Are you controlling your environment too much? Others? While the confidence and affirmation that we feel during this time is very valuable, if not channeled internally it may allow us to think we know better than even the universe. I am very intuitive about what is right and wrong during this time. I love that! And I have to be careful not to let my inner knowing enmesh the reality of my world in any moment.

2. If you’re spending time doing things you don’t want to be doing:  Ask yourself what you may be avoiding in those moments instead. This is a beautiful practice to take on in any cycle — I once realized that I was in a bad habit of over eating when I was avoiding cleaning my house. I caught it once when I was asking myself, “what am I avoiding doing right now?” As I reached for the fridge. Too often we are busy giving ourself a hard time about what we are doing rather than looking at what we are avoiding doing. Lean into the things you avoid even a tiny bit and you’ll find the other things loose their grip.
3. If you’re stressing about getting it all done:  Relax. With high energy we can trigger anxiety. Notice if you’re in this patter and relax. Look at the things you have accomplished! Can you really acknowledge yourself? If you’re reading this, I know you are a woman created to growth and evolution, there’s no doubt about that. Love yourself. This is your journey and it’s going by fast. Enjoy it, you amazing, talented goddess you.

Author: alexjayne

Spiritual seeker, conscious parent, visionary, believer in the unseen and lover of divine peace. Train with me: www.yogadezainstitute.com

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