Is life totally different?

Are you feeling okay? Can I hold him? Does life feel totally different?

The three questions I’ve gotten the most. Answered in detail below. Even in this socially limited state, connection with others is happening a lot. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love that I have felt from my community. While almost all of my energy is going toward this little man, many moments of connection outside the babe bubble have been priceless for my presence in it.

Are you feeling okay?

I am feeling great. Healing has progressed really well and yes, I am planning to get back on my mat very soon!! Maybe later this week 🙂 I know rest has been a major piece to thank for my progress. Indra is sleeping soundly at night and I am still taking it easy throughout the day. Hands down I know it has been my yoga practice more than anything that has guided my smooth journey into motherhood. My mind and emotions have also been steady. Indra is like a 24-7 meditation companion. Just looking at him makes me want to still my mind and not miss a minute of right now. We joined in on some teacher training sessions back at the studio this weekend! Indra experienced his first group OM outside the womb.

Can I hold him?

No… For the first 40 days Indra River is staying right by my and Michael’s side. Grandparents and a few dear friends may be a brief exception, for their sanity 🙂 I love Yogi Bhajan’s quote;

“He was inside where he was warm, cozy, and well contained. He came out and now he needs that touch, that feeling, that oneness within the nine feet of your aura. You are a modern woman. You want to go to a movie theater. When a child is born, you must stick with him for forty days and for two years you and your husband must keep him near the breast and the chest. That is the most darling God born in innocence to two people who believed in love.”

This time is so precious to me. Mama Bear in me is for sure present. While I appreciate the interest that others have in connecting with and building a relationship with Indra; it is not time yet. Babies are sacred developing humans. Soon enough he will be running around investigating the world and there will be plenty of time for bonding and connecting then. For now he is building his own energy field and learning to trust the world around him from his parent’s arms. Smiles and hellos are most welcome when you see us!

Is life totally different now?

Life feels exactly the same. My intentions are still exactly the same:  Stay connected to my highest self, live life to the fullest and do the best job I can on planet Earth. While the focus has now shifted towards being a Mom and I have new daily tasks that support the life of another, I am still dealing with the exact same challenges:  Stay present in the moment, manage my energy in support of my intentions and be my most authentic self. When I train yoga teachers, we work with the idea that being authentic means what you say, what you think, what you feel and what you do are all in alignment. I still have so many opportunities the develop this within my own life. Indra River is turning out to be the most incredible witness for this. I want so very badly to be the best possible example of authenticity for him. Every day I am identifying more ways to make that happen. Seeing it is always the first step — making the change often takes more courage. I am grateful for this little human that is challenging me now more than ever to step up and be the person that I want to be.

Cheers to navigating new paths of growth and life,


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